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Wednesday, June 30, 2010







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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Working at HP | Customer Service

MAY had came to an end. Its my last day working at HP! Time passes so fast. Remember the day I first stepped in to the office. Unexpectedly, Regen and Jengsin were there as well, knowing that they came for the same job too! :) Then a new friend from VI, Henry. 5 of us was waiting at the receptionist area, chatting.

We had our training for a week. Seriously, its freaking confusing with the systems and we were like busy jotting down notes every minute. Just like studying XD. But the process was fun and hilarious. Especially when we were demo-ing to answer the customers' call. All sorts of weird answers we have. LOL!

The most excited thing was when we started working and picking up customers' call. And I'm always the unfortunate one. I always got angry customers. >__< ! Never mind... Its a process of learning and testing my patient. LOL. But some customers made me laughed like mad! They made my day :D

And you know what I like the most in the office? The keyboard! XDD. Whenever there are loadsss of emails to reply, I just feel like I'm playing games! hahahaha. 'Da Gei' XDD. I'll just hit hit hit the keyboard. Can release stress too!! Lolollolol!

Its real great experience working there. I will always remember all of you :)

Special thanks to my big hearted boss, papa Teng :). Thanks for fetching me to work and back home! You are a great leader. Keep it up! Very 'guai ma' and 'gao xiu' also. XD I'll surely miss you. Happy marriage too~♥

Big big thanks to Peter too! For the car pooling :). All the best in the roads ahead~Take care ya :)
Jasmine mama aka my buddy XD. Thanks for teaching me. Very very detail. keke. I suddenly remember the time when I buddy with you! hahahahaha. Im so innocent sitting beside you =p and you are so patient teaching me step by step AWwwww. :)

Agnes Jie~ The first impression of you, O.O. garangnya.....hahahah. But you are a very sporty person. *likes* XD

Suki Jie~ Very friendly and generous. Must miss me lot lot kay? :)

Elaine Jie~ Haha. Thanks for the 'baby-sitting' while mama Jas went for her morning break XD.

Sunnie Jie~ Hahaha. Sorry ah...haha. You will always swt -.-lll when talking to me. Muahahaha. But I enjoyed :) MUAX

ShiaoSiean JieJie. Din get to take my last pic with you.......:'(

Yew KorKor. *Likes your hair!* wakaka.

Vimao~ Always migrating my doggie...LOL. All the best to you too... :)

Eddie~ ByeBye...You can take the smiley on my comp and stick it on yours XD

Samuel~ Sitting behind me but talking in msn is just so weird HAHAH. Take care bro..

Temps: Isaac, Regen, JengSin, Henry, Calvin, MingKey, KahMeng. Great time working with you all! Keep in touch ya... :)

Lynette.. Our trainer. Enjoyed the training session! Thanks! :)

ITS and Admin Agents: JoeYi, Jack, HuiSun, YiMai, Zachary, Brandon, YuenHoe, Travis,Rocky,WanJing,Joshua. Nice to meet you guys :) Another bunch of fun people. :D All the best in future too! 'Yao yun zoi kin'...Tata......:)

Jason..Its nice to know you too. Never hear you calling me FIONA for the last time XD lol

New temps: KarThye, Sions, Nic, Regine. Time for you guys to take over! Keke. Enjoy working! :)

Had a great time at HP. From Jan to May. 5 months just ended up. So fast :)

Au revoir people!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SJAM National Competition 2010

It's time to pay off after weeks of trainings (adults) and monthsss of trainings for the Cadets. Half a year I should say. SJAM NATIONAL COMPETITION at Pulapor!! Here we come!

We gathered at Headquarters at 7am. Reached Pulapor quite early around 8 something. It's a Pusat Latihan Polis. Can see a lot of police marching on the road. Yeah. They need to march whenever they go. 0.O.

Preparing for the Competition. Polished the shoes. Helping the Nursing Cadets to gel their hair

Opening Ceremony. Im burning like a roasted pig! -.-"

First day: Written Paper + Foot Drill and Uniform Checking

Second day: First Aid and Home Nursing

Closing ceremony

Nursing Cadet, YeeYan and Ambulance Adult, HungMeng both got the third prize for best individual :)

Nursing Adult got the Home Nursing Champion :)

The end of the 52nd SJAM National Competition.

Good job and well done Wilayah team!
Our Group Pictures

Chicken Wing pose
Crossing hands pose
Missy pose
The Yeah pose
Ohm pose
Hands in pocket pose

And the Good Job pose! :D