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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love is like a wild bird

Daddy Mummy says: You have to let go the BIRD and let it fly, and see whether it will come back to you a not in the end, if it comes back to you in a condition that you could accept it back, then the BIRD truly belongs to you, Otherwise, you just gotta let it go. Release the bird into wild and give it full freedom to fly. :)

There you go, My Love

Saturday, December 11, 2010

CON Night 2010 | Un Regalo de Amor- A Gift of Love

Say Hello say hello! So the day has come after days and nights of preparations despite of irregular time posting at the hospital or depriving of sleep for those on block. Meetings, rehearsals, planning, decorations and backdrops!

Team at work :)

Putting on stage bit by bit. Working til late at night. 2-3 am

As usual, as I don't know why, my batch is always the one to do the backdrops or banners or stuffs like that. And I'm in-charge again for this work *after the first time during my Orientation Tea Party. I actually thought it was an easy job at first *from my first experience~~~ Never thought that it would be so much of work to do. Look at the pics and you will know... Furthermore everyone in the college will be joining and staffs, VIP or VVIP from the hospital site will be coming too. The most challenging part was making the 3D scene of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in the manger.... i was like. okayyyyyy. try my best. o.O

Almost done to be presented~!

OUr drama team did great too! *Im acting as a dancing teacher, Move your butts! lol :p. Well, you guys are really good in acting, I beh tahan. *salute salute* XD.

The Drama Team. Well done!

Dancing floor. Everyone's enjoying.

Awesome night we have. Hard work paid off. Kudos to the AFSCA committee members. Not forgetting those who helped out in backdrop! THANK YOU!!! =)

For more pics:

Un Regalo de Amor- A Gift of Love
Show your love to people who are dear to you and that you love so much
1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us"