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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mooncake with KLPCAD

The very first Mooncake Celebration for KLPCAD! Idea came out from the random chat with MrTeddySecretary. Haha!

Thanks Susu for buying the food :D

Initially we were worried of the prep time, people attending and most important, VENUE!! How are we gonna make this thing happen if we don't even have a place. And it's coming soon in one week time :O

BBQ Time!

Our pro keeping the fire alive whole night :D

Providing my place was fine, but another problem came out, cuz most of the members live in Cheras or Ampang area and my house is in Old Klang Road. Mm. Not very far, not very near though. LOL.!

Anyway, It turned out successful and we had much fun! Thanks to the committee for the initiatives and cooperation! :D

Group picture :)

Thanks to everyone who had attended. Hope you guys enjoyed! =)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! :D

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