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Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Knows

Today, Ms Teh, our hostel person-in-charge came into our classroom verryyyyyyy early in the morning. Thought it was some not-so-important announcement about the hostel or whatever maintanence thingy again. Who knows. It's about shifting the level 5 Group71 residents to level 6. OHMYGOODNESS!!

I looked at her, naming the names and rooms from her lovely mouth. Wondering how's the new arrangement like.

First, she said: "Natasha Fay. You will be shifted to level 6 room 13" L6R13? Who's staying there? There seems to be no responses from the class. I guess it's a new room maybe? But but but, what about my roommates?? Next, I heard Akalili's name. She's going to another new room. :(.

Ms Teh continued to announce. Girls staying opposite my room are shifting to a new room at level 6 together. Awww.... they got to stick together.. WAIT. How about Shalini? Ms Teh:" Shalini, you will be moving to L6R?." It's Esther's room.. Sigh..

Guess what. 3 of us just scattered all around. We never thought that we will be separated. It was so unexpected. Thought that we will be staying together, being crazy all along until our 3 years end. It was a bad day for the 3 of us anyway. Knowing that we need to be staying in different rooms and leaving our favorite level of all..

Much of the unexpectedness and gloomy hearts. We still enjoyed our last week together and camwhored like madness. I so love my roommates!

The Understanding Roommates

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