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Monday, November 26, 2012

Brighton Beach

Hey peeps! It's been long to pay a visit here! Since it's Sunday today, I'm having my off day, finished my finals, started posting in the wards already, clicking on the laptop, still compiling my magazine work......
I've decided to update my blog :)

So what's up today? I've been thinking where to travel. And where to work in future perhaps. It's a couple more years to go. I should be thinking and planning for the coming Nursing Board Examinations and my Research and Management Project instead! Lol. 

Anyway, thinking of it, I am graduating in another 6 months, starting to work as a Registered Staff Nurse on July 2013. GOSH! I'M EXCITED!

Okay, back to the topic, the places I want to go. I want to go to a lot of places. But yesterday, one place just kept floating in my mind. There, below :D I want to go to that beach! The colourful little houses, so nice :)

Brighton Beach *loves*

So I was telling my friend too.

"Hey, hey, see this beach? I want to go there one day.  :D"
"After I graduate, save money, plan a trip there. Or might just spend 1-2 years working there."
"Ah, no need to plan la. The world is ending soon."

Still, gotta live life the fullest :) Go enjoy, play, try, risk, plan whenever you can :)

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